Days2die 2

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Rating: 3.92/5.

Days2die 2 is a survival zombie game. Build barricade, buy weapons, save survivors, takes place during the events of the original Days 2 Die. Now you play as Sgt. Vic Radel, a member of TCPD SWAT team assigned to rescue survivors.
1: change to primary weapon.
2: change to secondary weapon.
3: change to melee weapon.
4: change to explosive.
A / left arrow: move left.
D / right arrow: move right.
E: repair / open doors / talk.
Escape: open option screen.
I: open inventory.
R: reload.
S / down arrow: climb down.
SHIFT: walk.
SPACE: jump.
W / up arrow: climb up or jump.
Fire: left mouse click.

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