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Play Maze of Traps 2 on Glaucusgames

Maze of Traps 2

Maze of Traps 2 is the sequel of the hardest maze game Maze of Traps! Avoid the traps and find the way to get out of there! Can you find the exit? There are also 2 players mode, under development.
Adventure - 2 Players Game - Pubblished: 19/11/2017
Play Riposto Outpost on Glaucusgames

Riposto Outpost

Riposto Outpost is a platform and running game. It will get you in the shoes of 4 guys and you will need to complete a series of adventures to search the serenity. Can you save the friendly group of friends in this crazy game? World Ranking, Local Multiplayer Mode, Multiplayer Local mode Ranking.
Adventure - 2 3 4 Players Game - Pubblished: 16/03/2014
Play Rocket Man on Glaucusgames

Rocket Man

Use the mouse to move around. Collect gems and items to boost your speed, and watch out for obstacles and the constantly rising water!
Adventure - Pubblished: 28/02/2014
Play Glean 2 on Glaucusgames

Glean 2

Traverse terrestrial aquatic and aerial alien planets. Mine and scrounge for resources while fending off the local wildlife. Research and craft upgrades to delve deeper and continue the story of Glean. Dangerous alien creatures, new resources and a completely revamped research and crafting system.
Adventure - Pubblished: 13/02/2014
Play Swordless Ninja on Glaucusgames

Swordless Ninja

Swordless Ninja is a game like Super Mario's style, Ninja Mabushi lived happily with his girlfriend Miyuki and nothing could stop the sun from shining when he was wearing his precious sword, which he only used to maintain peace.. Until a dark figure crawled out from the shadow.
Adventure - Pubblished: 09/06/2013
Play Maze Of Traps on Glaucusgames

Maze Of Traps

You are locked in a dream, inside a maze, find the way to get out of there! Can you find the exit?
Adventure - Pubblished: 29/12/2012