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Play Maze of Traps 2 on Glaucusgames

Maze of Traps 2

Maze of Traps 2 is the sequel of the hardest maze game Maze of Traps! Avoid the traps and find the way to get out of there! Can you find the exit? There are also 2 players mode, under development.
Adventure - 2 Players Game - Pubblished: 19/11/2017
Play G-Switch 2 on Glaucusgames

G-Switch 2

G-Switch is back! One-button running game, flip gravity in time as you run on floors and avoid to miss a platform and to fall off the screen. You can play Endless mode, Adventure or local multiplayer mode to play against up to 8 players.
Action - 2 3 4 Players Game - Pubblished: 02/01/2016
Play Riposto Outpost on Glaucusgames

Riposto Outpost

Riposto Outpost is a platform and running game. It will get you in the shoes of 4 guys and you will need to complete a series of adventures to search the serenity. Can you save the friendly group of friends in this crazy game? World Ranking, Local Multiplayer Mode, Multiplayer Local mode Ranking.
Adventure - 2 3 4 Players Game - Pubblished: 16/03/2014
Play Ultimate Motorcycles on Glaucusgames

Ultimate Motorcycles

3D motorcycle game, classic game like Tron, for the lovers of motorcycles where you have to ride your moto and eliminate all your opponents with the colored line thats left behind you.
Action - 2 Players Game - Pubblished: 25/01/2014
Play BW-Ball 2 on Glaucusgames

BW-Ball 2

BW-Ball 2, the sequel, you can play also at 2, 3 players or 4 players mode, destroy the enemies's walls with the ball in this Classic Pong Game and win!
Action - 2 3 4 Players Game - Pubblished: 18/01/2014
Play Trapped Ball Oxide on Glaucusgames

Trapped Ball Oxide

Try to reach the exit into a labyrinth where is full of traps and puzzles. Games has two modes: 1 player and 2 players.
Puzzle - 2 Players Game - Pubblished: 14/12/2013
Play Tank Wars Arena on Glaucusgames

Tank Wars Arena

Brace yourself tank drivers and get ready to travel back in time to the shooting era of classic Tank games! Face against your enemies alone or with your friend to enjoy playing the 2 players game mode, pick the desired difficulty level, get inside the military tanks and rush towards victory!
Shooting - 2 Players Game - Pubblished: 21/08/2013
Play Bubble Struggle 2 on Glaucusgames

Bubble Struggle 2

In Bubble Struggle 2 you can play two players mode. Bubble Struggle 2 object is destroy dangerous bubbles, that bounce around the screen, by splitting them into smaller components and finally destroying them altogether.
Puzzle - 2 Players Game - Pubblished: 06/06/2013
Play Zombie Micro on Glaucusgames

Zombie Micro

Zombie Micro is a Shooting Micro Zombie Game, you are the husband of a woman trapped in a party due to the attack of a deadly virus that has turned everyone into zombies, can you save her? Two players mode available.
Zombie - 2 Players Game - Pubblished: 22/05/2013
Play G-Switch on Glaucusgames


G-Switch: Frenetic runner gravity inversion action for the solo player, or up to 2 3 4 or more players on one keyboard!
Action - 2 3 4 Players Game - Pubblished: 21/04/2013
Play Bw-Ball on Glaucusgames


BW-Ball, 1 or 2 players game, destroy the enemy's wall with the ball and win! 4 different levels!
Action - 2 Players Game - Pubblished: 10/12/2012